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Sketchbook roundup 2016

Welp, it’s been a little while. I’m sorry, don’t really have much to say but 2016 was a busy-big year for me both emotionally and physically. It took a lot of time away from posting on blogs that no one really looks at anyway. Some really fun things happened! I funded a little mini-sketchbook on kickstarter ...

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The Clipped Hussar pt.2: The Twins

This is the follow up to my initial part of The Clipped Hussar series, when I introduced our hero. The Twins are a series of characters she will encounter along her way. When designing characters, the trend skews toward singular heroes that survive and operate independently. This was an exercise in creating a duo whose functions ...

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Sketchbook January 2015

2014 was a year of drawing. It was a fucking good year. Drawing has always been the backbone of what I do and what I love about doing what I do. It’s both a nostalgic experience and a highly connected one that reaches deep into my child-man-brain and draws out whatever nonsense seems to be lingering. I ...

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The Clipped Hussar

A couple years ago I was a contributing artist on Substrata. Along with my fellow Substratians, I developed a personal fantasy-fable which kind of stuck with me. There are elements of this story that I had intended to present during the contribution period of Substrata, but life and work derailed my progress. So I spent a year thinking about this ...

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Sketchbook roundup 2014

These are selections from my sketchbook. Most are things I’ve posted to Instagram, which I’m quite active on.

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How Stories Begin

‘ve been told that when telling a story it’s typical that weddings either occur at the beginning or at the end of the tale. They are standard devices to mark the end or the beginning of some transition for the characters or plot. So it’s only fitting that the first post on this blog is ...