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Peonies Are Hard.

Over the last week the tattoo I did for my partner has healed and it’s looking pretty great. This piece will actually grow more over time and continue on up her arm into something more elaborate. I didn’t do the ink myself, that was done by Sean at Rain City Tattoo.

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Sketchbook memories

The more I use Instagram or Twitter the more I don’t want to use either. I generally have to be aware of the TTD index of each experience, the Time-To-Depression when on each service. I engage at end of my work day (at the studio) so as to not torpedo my attitude and contribute to ...

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Sketchbook roundup 2016

Welp, it’s been a little while. I’m sorry, don’t really have much to say but 2016 was a busy-big year for me both emotionally and physically. It took a lot of time away from posting on blogs that no one really looks at anyway. Some really fun things happened! I funded a little mini-sketchbook on kickstarter ...

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The Clipped Hussar pt.2: The Twins

This is the follow up to my initial part of The Clipped Hussar series, when I introduced our hero. The Twins are a series of characters she will encounter along her way. When designing characters, the trend skews toward singular heroes that survive and operate independently. This was an exercise in creating a duo whose functions ...

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Sketchbook January 2015

2014 was a year of drawing. It was a fucking good year. Drawing has always been the backbone of what I do and what I love about doing what I do. It’s both a nostalgic experience and a highly connected one that reaches deep into my child-man-brain and draws out whatever nonsense seems to be lingering. I ...

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The Clipped Hussar

A couple years ago I was a contributing artist on Substrata. Along with my fellow Substratians, I developed a personal fantasy-fable which kind of stuck with me. There are elements of this story that I had intended to present during the contribution period of Substrata, but life and work derailed my progress. So I spent a year thinking about this ...

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Sketchbook roundup 2014

These are selections from my sketchbook. Most are things I’ve posted to Instagram, which I’m quite active on.